Phil uses an interactive quiz game hosted from a laptop computer and played on smartphones and tablets. 

Note: Only one smart device is required per quiz team.

Players take part in the same way they would a pen and paper quiz, but instead of pens and paper, each team uses a free app on their smart device, with the presenter reading questions from a laptop computer.

How is this the same as a traditional quiz?

  • Phil uses a microphone to read the questions.
  • Quiz teams sit around tables answering questions. 
  • professionally written quiz questions are provided, alternatively if you would like to provide customised questions for your corporate event (product or industry based questions) these can be used given prior notice.

How is SpeedQuizzing different to a traditional pub quiz?

  • Rather than having an unspecified amount of time to decide on an answer, teams are given a time-limit during which they input an answer using the keypad on their smart device screen. This gives players considerably less time to attempt to cheat!
  • Answers are submitted by a single tap on the device screen, i.e. first letter of the answer, or multiple-choice (A.B.C.D etc).
  • The answer is revealed after each question, rather than all together at the end of a round or the entire quiz.
  • Scoring is taken care of automatically by the laptop, with the leader-board being accessible throughout the event.
  • SpeedQuizzing uses sound effects which can be amplified through a sound system to create an upbeat lively atmosphere, more in keeping with a TV gameshow than a pen and paper quiz.

The Keypads


Only input the first letter of your answer

If the answer is a persons name, input the first letter of their first 


If the answer begins with “The”. E.G “The Lion King” you 

should answer “L” not “T”

Multiple Choice

Listen to the multiple 

choice options 

and input A,B,C,D,E,F 

on the keypad


Simply type in a number 

and press enter. Answers 

Which incorporate a year

Must be the full year. 

EG “1981” not “81”


Put the options in

the correct order by 

Tapping them in 


Buzzin keypad

Fastest finger wins on

These type of questions

Phil will then ask the fastest 

team to call out their answe